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What makes our patented Amtu Hair Weights so innovative?

"Hair gems & tools designed to help celebrate our innate beauty, culture, and hair traditions."

Our carefully designed weighted clips can save you time in styling and elongating your curls, they are great for travel, and can beautifully decorate your hair as an accessory for any occasion.


About Our Natural Hair Stretching Tools

Women share an amazingly unusual relationship with their hair. It is as the cliche may say, bad hair day translates to a bad day for women. For women, natural hair is a reflection of one's authenticity and reflects confidence and power. Amut Hair Art & Tools is designed to help celebrate our innate beauty, culture, and hair traditions.

As we design hair jewels and styling tools to celebrate our love for natural hair, we showcase our range of hair accessories inspired by the ancient traditions of Africa such as African threading, hair stretching and more. Our hair products are designed to help you give your natural hair the love and appreciation it needs.

Ladies we know some days you like your hair bouncy and some days you want it stretched out. With our line of hair styling accessories, you finally have the tools to express your unique style and showcase your hair’s natural beauty, without any added harm from heat or chemicals.

Our natural hair products range from natural hair accessories such as hair stretching clips, to hair weights to help elongate your curls safely. Browse our products to find accessories to suit your preferences. Choose from a range of hair stretchers to straighten your hair without harm. Our hair stretching tools makes it very easy for anyone to straighten their hair at home quickly. The best part is that the hair stretchers are designed to look fancy so that you can flaunt a chic style while your curls are being elongated. 

Our Gold Standard Hair Weights are our latest and most innovative natural hair styling tool on the market. The natural hair stretching clip can be worn as an accessory or used to as a hair stretcher. The weight of the clip transforms the clip from an accessory to curl elongator. The 

Hair Weights allow for the best no heat curls strategy.  The Gold Standard Hair Weight is an alternative to traditional 4c hair stretching tools such as hair banding, Bantu knots, hair plates, African threading, or a heatless blowout.  The Hair Weight is an excellent organic natural hair stretching tool that will make your hair journey much more comfortable and fun.

The Gold Standard Hair Weight is the best solution to the following hair issues:

How to stretch natural hair without heat but using natural hair stretching products?
Answer: The Gold Standard Hair Weight can be placed on a protective style and worn as an accessory while concurrently stretching the hair, heat free.

How to stretch natural hair after washing?
Answer: The Gold Standard Hair Weight is the best natural hair stretching tool to wear immediately after a wash. You simply place on your natural hair care styling products then you place the Hair Weights onto a protective style while the hair is air drying or used with a diffuser. This method will effectively stretch the hair once the hair is completely dried.

How to keep 4c hair stretched with natural hair stretching products?
Answer: The Hair Weight is an effective way to literally train your hair overtime. It allows your hair management and styling to get better to improve meaning it cuts down the time you put into doing your hair. The more consistently you use the Hair Weight the more it will maintain its stretched appearance.