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The Gold Standard Hair Weight has a magnetic clasp , we would love for you to try it out along with OUR HUGE DISCOUNT for your pre-order purchase!!!!  We successfully completed our second Pre-Order Campaign and we are doing it again!!!

As a PRE-ORDER, all shipments are 4 weeks from date of purchase.  

PLEASE  READ:  CLICK HERE  to view the recommended amount of hair weights as per hair texture.

As oppose to only offering this bulk purchase opportunity to private distributors, we decided to find a way to offer this to our customers.  The way we were able to offer this HUGE discount to our customers is through a collective purchase.  Our Goal is for 200 customers to subscribe for a purchase order, we can only offer this discount if  the committed 200 customers actually purchase the product, that is when we reach our goal and the discount is unlocked. We've reached our goal before and we can do it again!!!

PLEASE READ:  CLICK HERE to view the recommended amount of hair weights as per hair texture.

The Gold Standard set of hair weights are 10 gold colored hair weights per package.

What makes our Hair Weights so special is that they are actual weights, to clip onto the hair and weigh it down, it’s literal science.  Although they appear to be accessories they are weights to stretch the hair. They were made to appear like hair jewelry so you could wear them outside the home and feel comfortable and confident in your protective style and not feel like you were wearing something that looks like an exaggerated invention. And although this is an invention, because it took loads of time, budget and research from the design table to the manufacturer to get a perfect weight, interior teeth to clasp the hair, latch, shape, size and material, etc, it was made intentionally to look effortless and simple. But at the end of the day, it’s science and worth every dollar invested for perfection because you deserve it.

WATCH OUR TUTORIAL and learn more about how the Hair Weight works to not only accessorize your protective styles but to reduce hair shrinkage, to stretch the curls, and to help with overall hair manageability. Find out about our DISCOUNTS, and GROUP BARGAINS for purchasing the Gold Standard Hair Weight by CLICKING HERE

The Hair Weight is an accessory and styling tool all-in-one utilized as a natural way to stretch the curl out and prevent hair shrinkage while styling and preparing your hair. It can be worn as an accessory on a braid/twist as the weight of the clip safely stretches the curl while it’s being worn on the hair. It can be placed on the braid/twist under the dryer with the warmth of the clip’s metal assisting in further conditioning and elongating the hair or it can be used with a diffuser to allow for a chemical free option to safely stretch your hair to its natural length.

Size: 15 mm x 10.3mm

Materials: Brass metal

Packaging options: 10 per set

Do not shower with them on or have them in water for extended periods of time.


Natural Hair Stretching Tool


Curl Elongator

Natural Hair Detangler

Assists with Overall Hair Management 

No Heat Natural Hairstyling

Heatless Hair Stretching 

For INTERNATIONAL ORDERS  only, unless you have requested a courier service outside of our standard delivery option, which is USPS International, we cannot guarantee the items will not arrive damaged upon receipt. We do not offer refunds or exchanges for any international orders. 

Wholesale minimum purchases of 10 packages (select the 10 weights per package option).

Wholesale purchases are shipped with Priority Bulk Shipping only, please make that selection.

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