important to use natural hair stretching products
Natural hair comes with the perks of a unique beauty and authenticity. However, natural hair also comes with the unique attribute of hair shrinkage. We all know that hair growth and texture is regulated by nutrition, health, and what you place in your hair, but at the end of the day, that still doesn't cut down the cost and time it takes to make you look fabulous. The process of stretching natural hair is an optional aspect of our styling. You can find a variety of synthetic and chemically filled products and techniques that help you achieve the look but they often come with the danger of causing harm to your natural hair texture and physical health. Therefore, it is important to use natural hair stretching products or tools that take ingredients into consideration or the earth, both features will save your hair and the price it’ll take to remedy any damage done. 

Shrinkage, as experts say, is in reality a symbol of healthy hair. It shows that your hair has the ability to retain moisture and has more length than it appears. If your hair shrinks up when dry and bounces back when you stretch it out, it means your hair is elastic too! So, the obvious question would be if shrinkage is a good thing then is it bad to stretch your natural hair? And the answer is certainly no. It is quite normal to celebrate the length that you have achieved after putting in so much effort. At the same time, it is important to stretch it naturally, healthy and in a way that promotes more growth and wellness to the hair.  

The most common ways of stretching natural hair is by the use of heat. Though it is easy and effective, heat can damage your hair beyond repair. Excess heat could also do harm to your scalp which might result in much more serious long-term problems. As there are plenty of unhealthy, damaging ways to stretch your hair, we are here to enlighten you about the benefits of using natural hair stretching tools

The Amtu Hair Weight is a natural hair stretching tool that not only elongates the hair but it also detangles the hair through its organic stretching process.  This process of detangling prevents breakage, split ends, creates healthier ends, and ultimately longer hair. 

You can sleep with the weighted clips on overnight, which allows you to save time in the morning, allows for a ‘no heat’ option and you still get the desired elongation without any damage to your natural texture. 
In addition, by using this stretching hair weight tool, overtime your hair gains elasticity, the reduction in heat also reduces the porosity levels of the hair making it easier to style, gives time to heal previous damage, and ultimately helps to nurture growth. 

In addition to the Amtu Hair Weight, there are other widely used natural hair stretching products/methods as listed below: 

Buns, Bands, Stretch plates, Curl formers, Jumbo braid, African threading, Roller sets

We hope this is a good ‘starter kit’ on your journey to naturally elongating your hair.  Thanks for reading and for your support! To further support our small business & innovative natural hair endeavors, check out our latest development - The Amtu Hair Weight, click here for details! 
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