natural hair shrinkage

What is a Hair Shrinkage and Prevention Method?

natural hair shrinkage

We always try to improve our appearance in society. The way you look impacts our self-esteem and self confidence. And if we are not happy with our looks we tend to escape gatherings and try to hide our shortcomings.

Hair problems are something which most of us face as we tend to age. With age, we face various hair problems like hair loss, graying of our hair, hair shrinkage and many more. All these issues affect our confidence in a major way. Therefore, we always try to maintain the way we look in order to improve our ability to ‘show up’ to the occasion, so to speak.

In this post, we will discuss a few of the causes of hair shrinkage and how we can avoid them.

Causes of Natural Hair Shrinkage

One of the main concerns which most women have is the fact that they must deal with their natural hair shrinkage. Hair shrinkage is a good sign, however many don’t like it because it makes the hair look shorter, and it makes it difficult to have that ‘long hair don’t care’ look.

When the hair is wet or is moist, the weight of the water in the hair brings down the hair and it’s at that time when seems the hair is of good length. The weight of the water absorbed by the hair makes it hang downwards and hence making the hair look longer. But when the hair dries up, the weight of the water disappears and then the hair starts to shrink up and it makes the length look shorter. Especially for women with curly hair, the shrinkage is more visible. There are times when women with curly hair appear to have had a major haircut off their hair dried and the shrinkage kicks in.

For a few women, they embrace this natural hair shrinkage but for just as many, they try various products to ensure that the hair length is maintained.

A lot of women who do not like hair shrinkage, tend to use hair shrinkage products which are chemically-based. These chemically-based products are not at all good for the hair and in the long run, it will to hair loss and hair greying.

So, how can you maintain the length of the hair without using chemicals or other harsh treatments?

The answer is simple. Go the natural way. There are lots of products on the market like natural hair shrinkage products by Amtu Hair Art & Tools that can eliminate the shrinkage without the long term damage. The products offered by them are really nice and it is completely natural. These products will help you to lengthen your hair in a smooth and natural manner.

Is natural hair shrinkage a good sign?

Well, this topic has been debated for many years, and finally, it was concluded that natural hair shrinkage is a sign of healthy hair. Shrinkage is one of the best indicators for healthy hair. Because the more dense the hair is the more visible the shrinkage is. Hence, if you are facing hair shrinkage, then it is a sign that you have healthy hair.

Although if you do not like hair shrinkage, then you can opt for natural hair shrinkage products. There are many anti-shrinkage products on the market, for example - the Hair Weight by Amtu Hair Art & Tools, will help you to maintain the desired length of the hair without any harsh chemicals or heat, it’s just a matter of researching what product suits you best. As time has progressed thankfully so have the options for our natural hair community.

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