Innovative Styling Tools That Make the Natural Hair Journey Doable.

Innovative Styling Tools That Make the Natural Hair Journey Doable.


Photography by Shymi FonsekaPhoto by Shymi Fonseka

The natural hair movement has experienced an upsurge over the years, with women of all shades and cultures taking on more chemical-free product criteria along with indulging in their innate and unique beauty.  Nonetheless, along with the movement, there has been a major welcoming among naturalistas for new and innovative products that will enable their heat-free and chemical free lifestyles.  The question has been among the hair-care industry, do we create more hair treatment products for naturalistas to pile onto their hair? As if there isn't enough, do we create more styling tools to promise more manageability that they can only utilize 24hrs in advance and/or collect dust in storage? or do we provide ways for them to tuck their transitioning styles away within a headwrap fabric until a more suitable length has grown over time? 


As a naturalista myself and a consumer of many natural hair products, I have often wondered why don't they use basic science like, I don't know: GRAVITY or even just functionality to develop these natural hair styling tools.  I'm not at all for spending endless hours of my life just to prepare it for an hour or so of a night out, or a common workday. I believe when naturalistas commit to the 'Big Chop' and go on that natural hair path, they are ultimately ready to experience their crowns within that present moment and not put it off on hiatus until its Diana Ross-long and they can sing aloud 'I'm comin', I'm comin' out.'  Lets explore the best anti shrinkage product for 4c hair 
When I did the 'Big Chop' no one told me that not only would my hair grow back much healthier, but the texture would change, I would go through an awkward stage with its length, in addition to spending endless amounts of money trying to search for the right hair care products for my hair and its new and improved thicker texture. The natural hair journey was not only a humbling experience, an acceptance of self against all odds - including people's rude opinions and stares, but I also had to truly learn how to encourage myself to not give up, and to find ways to make products fit my hair needs even if it meant being innovative myself. 
So in comes the 'hair weight' styling tool and accessory, a magical wonder I am only beginning to explore. There are so many reasons why I love this product so much, among them is that it uses basic science and functionality. I can only pile on so many hair care styling treatments to make my hair act right, I can only navigate through so much stress and frustration on my hair not reacting consistently to that same product, and I can only wonder for so long on the unpredictability of what it will look like by the end of the day. The hair weight allows me the time and space to find the right compatible style treatments, all while I can hold fast to its functionality of stretching and elongating my hair into manageability no matter what products I use. I can have fun with cornrows and other braided or twisted styles that I can do myself and then easily clip on the weights and accessorize these styles. The regality of Lapis Lazuli or the beauty of Tibetan Turquoise stone is stunning, and the gorgeous inlay mosaic designs make for an incredible fashion statement within itself  - all while my hair is simultaneously being styled and ridding itself of the shrinkage.
This is a natural hair wonder and literally, a custom-made styling tool perfect for someone introducing themselves to the natural hair lifestyle. I really wish I would've had the hair weight product when I began my journey in hindsight, but that's not to say that we shouldn't continue to encourage the natural hair industries to further create innovative styling tools and accessories that are made for us and by us. In order for there to be a continuance of innovative tools and accessories that complement our natural hair lifestyles, we need to support and spread the word on the businesses that are doing just that, and the hair weight is definitely a major one that should be creating waves and enhancing the journey of naturalistas worldwide. And I say this, not because its a gorgeous accessory but also because its a styling tool that was made by us and for us, and we need more of that! Again Amtu Hair Weights are the best anti shrinkage product for 4c hair 
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You can wear the hair weight as you would any other accessory. I would recommend the side braids and placing them there, the interweaving of the Lapis and Turquoise with your hair will be gorgeous.

Michelle Johnson

I have Tahitian hair, how do I use the accessory? If my hair is lengthy and not in corn rolls?


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