Star Symbol: Relate Custom Hair Weight (Lap)

Star Symbol: Relate Custom Hair Weight (Lap)

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The Hair Weight is an accessory and styling tool all-in-one utilized as a natural way to stretch the curl out and prevent hair shrinkage while styling and preparing your hair. It can be worn as an accessory on a section of the hair throughout the day and allows for a chemical free option to safely stretch your hair to its natural length. 

This specialty inlay stone design is engraved with the Sirius Star Symbol of Relate -  representing one’s ability to bridge relationships, to connect deeply, and to understand. To wear this special accessory in one’s hair is to place a symbol of one’s connection to the stars, the planets, and the universe as a whole.

This custom hair weight was handmade by Nepalese artisans in Kathmandu, Nepal. Lapis Lazuli is highly valued in this region, as it is identified as a healing stone. 

Size: 15 mm x 10.3mm

Materials: Inlay stone design with Lapis Lazuli, Gold plated & Brass