Nommo Symbol Gold Plated & Tibetan Turquoise

Nommo Symbol Gold Plated & Tibetan Turquoise

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This Hair Jewel is gold plated and engraved with turquoise stone inlay with the Nommo Fish Symbol. The fish symbol represents the West African Dogon tribe’s ancient belief of celestial beings sacred to their tribe. It’s believed that these celestial beings resided on a star-planet orbiting within the Sirius Star System. The myth further conveys that these beings came from the stars to their village on earth to become their guides in understanding the universe, it’s astrological process, it’s star systems, and it’s sacred laws.

In addition to being a Hair Jewel, it is also a hair lengthening tool, called the Hair Weight and handcrafted in South Asia. The Hair Weight is an accessory and styling tool all-in-one utilized as a natural way to stretch the curl out and prevent hair shrinkage while styling and preparing your hair. It can be worn as an accessory on a section of the hair throughout the day and allows for a chemical free option to safely stretch your hair to its natural length

This custom hair weight was handmade by Nepalese artisans in Kathmandu, Nepal. Tibetan Turquoise is highly valued in this region and are very popular in Tibetan jewelry, as it is identified as a medicinal stone. 

Size: 15 mm x 10.3mm

Materials: Inlay stone design with Tibetan Turquoise, Gold plated & Brass