Meranda's Hair Care Routine by Meranda Bertirotti

Meranda's Hair Care Routine by Meranda Bertirotti

Taking care of your hair every day is as important as your daily skin care routine. Especially for us ladies, our hair is our crown and one of our most prized possession and it is very important to make sure to properly care for your hair.

Our muse Meranda Bertirotti gives us an insight into her life by writing about her daily hair care routine and how she maintains her natural hair so beautifully


Meranda Bertirotti - Use your favorite AMTU hair accessories to accentuate your look

Hair Tools:

  • Spray bottle (tap water w/ 2 drops preferred essential hair oil)
  • Wide-toothed comb
  • Bristle brush
  • Small edge brush (I use an old toothbrush)—be sure to sanitize your toothbrush of any remaining toothpaste/hidden bacteria
  • Shea Moisture TM styling lotion/ECO Styler Gel TM or another preferred styling product
  • Hair ties and/or bobby pins (as needed)
  • Customized essential oil mixture (apply 3x per week or as needed for healthy scalp):
    • Meranda’s customized mix of real castor, lavender, and peppermint oil
  • Silk hair scarf

    Morning Routine:

    1. Spritz hair w/ water from a spray bottle until lightly damp (not soaking wet).
    2. Add a quarter size amount of styling lotion/leave-in conditioner of choice throughout hair for added moisture and manageability. Be sure to focus on hair tips. Comb product through hair with fingers for even distribution.
    3. Leave to let dry or style as preferred.
    4. For a more sleek hairstyle, such as a bun or ponytail, Use a brush with thick bristles to reduce flyaways and out of place hair.
    5. Use a smaller brush in combination with your choice of edge control/styling lotion to style baby hairs/hairline area for a more stylish up-do.
    6. Use your favorite AMTU hair accessories to accentuate your look!

    Bedtime Routine:

    1. Carefully remove any hair ties or bobby pins to avoid any damage to the hair shaft.
    2. Massage scalp ~4-5 mins to open pores and stimulate hair growth (also helps reduce stress!)
    3. Use a spray bottle to spritz water throughout hair, as needed, for easier detangling.
    4. Section hair into 4 parts and use comb to detangle each section, one-by-one.
    5. Lightly twist detangled hair sections.
    6. Protect hair overnight using silk hair scarf!
    7. Wake up and repeat.

    Keep an eye out for new posts coming soon from our muses, about how to care for your beautiful natural hair and insights about hair care products and natural oils for your beautiful crowns.

    ....hope you enjoyed these tips of the day and be sure to visit our online store at

    If you'd like to know more about our fabulous muse Meranda and her hair care routine or you want to know more about her follow her through her social media @makeitcount_b

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    Love.. the look of this model❤️hair pins are highlighted perfectly, great way to accent anything you wear.


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