How to Train Your Hair with the Hair Weight

How to Train Your Hair with the Hair Weight

Train Your Hair with the Hair Weight

The beautiful thing about the Hair Weight, is that - it is a tool that is not meant to create just one nice hair style but many, as it is made to train your hair for more length, less shrinkage and great manageability.

The number 1 rule when using the Hair Weights is to leave the weights in long enough to help set the hair which is at a minimum of 2 to 3 hours, and to ONLY remove when the hair is completely dried.

Lorna, (the model in the video below) washed her hair the night before which allowed for enough time for the hair to be semi dry once she placed on the hair weights the following morning.

Once Lorna finished washing her hair she patted it down with a cotton towel (or t-shirt) and dried it as much as possible. She parted her hair in 4 sections. She placed on the appropriate oils (because it was Spring during this time she chose grapeseed oil), she didn’t place too much oil just lightly on the different sections. She then placed her hair in 4 Bantu knots. Then went to sleep.

The next morning she placed her hair in 5 to 6 sections.

  1. she then lightly dampened her hair with fairytales detangle spray.
  2. Placed on the following products (as shown in the video tutorial below): Eco Styler ( the one with castor oil and flaxseed), Shea Moisture Strengthen Grow & Restore Styling Lotion,  Jane Carter Nourish and Shine.
  3. Braided her hair (6 to 8 braids).
  4. Then placed Shea butter at ends.
  5. Then placed 3-4 Hair Weights on each braid
  6. You can either let the hair air dry or if short on time, diffuse it.
  7. Left hair weights on for 2-3 hours.
  8. Removed hair weights only when hair was completely dried.

hair stretching with hair weights

Training Hair with Hair Weights Routine

Post Wash-Day - Day #3 - Training Hair with Hair Weights Routine

The Night Prep Regimen:

1. 5-8 sections for braidout or twist outs.

2.  Place the appropriate oil on sectioned hair (we recommend oils according to the season, view our blog on this at

3. Add a little refresher spray (don't drench your hair only dampen).

4. OPTIONAL - place on gel (some prefer to rebraid hair in the morning and place on gel then for smoother look, but sometimes this isn't time efficient.)

5. OPTIONAL - brush hair (some prefer not to brush before braiding as it may impact their curl pattern.)

6. Braid section and place shea butter at the end of braid.

Morning After Routine:

1.  OPTIONAL: Rebraid each seciton with a little gel and shea butter at end of braid, DO NOT ADD REFRESHER SPRAY OR ANY OTHER LIQUID. Then add the hair weights (3 to 4 weights per braid/twist). You will need to diffuse until the gel in the hair is dry, stop diffusing when hair is completely dry. Remove hair weights after 2 - 3 hours.

2. OPTIONAL: If you added gel in the hair during your overnight braidout/twistout, then in the morning keep braids as they are - skip to placing on hair weights (3-4 weights per braid/twist). Place shea butter at end of braid/twist. Keep hair weights in hair 2-3 hours. Lay down your edges in the meantime.  After 2-3 hours remove hair weights, and delicately separate curls/waves to your liking, lightly smooth out hair (do not spray any refresher all over hair, if necessary place a little at the ends of the hair).

As you repeat the ‘morning after routine’ above, this is where the training begins, and the consistency is key.

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We have tried the tool on non mixed grade black hair, there’s a video on the instagram page @amtuhairtools

In addition, the model in this picture, her hair grade is classified as 4b/4c which is a texture shared by many non mixed grade black hair textures.

The hair weight tool can work on any texture because it relies on gravity to stretch the hair, and each individuals pre-existing hair care system (leave-ins, gels, deep conditioners, etc).

Thank you for your inquiry.

Amtu Hair Tools - Team

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